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  • Implementation of Testing Framework and Methodologies

    Our testing framework entails:
    - Multiple testing phases covering from the delivery of Vanilla system to Live deployment;
    - Complete processes for core and development bug tracking and issues prioritization;
    - Evaluation of regression risk during system updates;
    - Exhaustive testing library;
    - Clear expectations defined throughout the testing library;
    - Automation of PRE SIT scenarios using T-Genius testing tool;
    - Detailed repository of known issues on latest Temenos T24 releases.

  • Exhaustive testing library (80% automated)

    Banks can now leverage on our extensive testing library comprising of up to 10.000 test scenarios covering all modules and functionalities of Temenos T24. This library was build up during several years and includes all the new functionalities of Temenos T24 latest releases (including T24 R16).

  • T-Genius tool for automated testing of Temenos T24 latest releases

    T-Genius was created to complement our testing framework and it comprises of simple but powerful engine to automate the testing. T-Genius synthetise many years of experience and was built around needs identified during multiple implementation and testing projects.

  • Extensive logs of risk, issues and challenges

  • Defects management services

    - Defects management services comprises of registration, monitoring and prioritisation of incidents during the different testing cycles.
    - Defects management tool hosted on our servers and available to all our Clients, is secured and is as part of our services while facilitating onsite offsite modus operandi.
    - Regular status reports are issued to our customers inclusive of all relevant information regarding number of defects, criticality, severity, trends and other statistics.