The banking sector and financial institutions way of doing business has changed radically in the last years.

In order to adapt to the new customer demands and maintain profitability, the banks have increased the rhythm from the IT perspective as well. What was being done over 2 years in the past now it must be done in 6 months and with a bigger scope planned. This had impacts on all IT levels – implementation and testing, with increased risk of failures.

Dynamis Solutions was created to respond to this new challenges and turn them into success stories.

We Are Dynamis Solutions

Dynamis Solutions was created by a team of experienced consultants with a sum of more than 50 cumulated years of successful projects for core banking systems implementations and upgrades.

Our experience comprises of multiple skills covering the entire lifecycle of the Implementation projects starting from initiation and analysis phases to testing, deployment and closure.

Our approach goes beyond testing, to advisory services provided to our Clients ensuring identification of any potential implementation issues together with proposing solutions based on best practices.

From the assurance and advisory aspects there is always a need of highly qualified resources to perform efficient and effective testing. Therefore, during the years we have developed a unique testing framework, comprising of exhaustive testing library for the latest releases of Temenos T24 CBS, a library of known issues and a library of risks, issues and challenges.

Some of our Clients

Our testing framework entails also an automated solution, designed specifically to fill the testing needs elaborated by our experienced consultants with many years spent “on the battle field”. Our automated testing tool, T-Genius was designed to complement our testing framework with the purpose of increasing the efficiency and maximize the effectiveness of testing.

Automation comes to assist the banks with their testing needs but, to ensure full coverage there will be always a need of a proportion of manual testing.

T-Genius is available on Temenos MarketPlace.

What our clients are saying about our software

Mr. Assaf Bleidi, Assistant General Manager & T24 Implementation Project Manager, TNB Palestine:

  • Fast solution in updating/deleting to fix an issue or a bug.
  • Well documented and organized solution to adopt for testing.
  • Accuracy a bank can depend on.
  • Reduce user mistakes while doing manual fix/delete.

Mr. Warren Jatteesing, Testing Manager of MCB Mauritius :

  • T-Genius is a simple and intuitive automation tool for T24 that anyone can use. We have automated at least 60% of T24 test scenarios and it helped us to speed up the testing phases for the upgrade of R14 to R18.

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